Winter flying takes skilled pilots and special gear… we have both.

In addition to providing regular services to our clients, Valley Helicopters provides support to several winter-based industries. These include heli-skiing, avalanche control, and winter search and rescue operations. Several of our machines come outfitted with ski boxes.


Flying in winter conditions requires specialized skills that take years to develop. As with all of our operations, safety is our primary concern. We understand the specific needs of heli-ski operators, and with our thirty plus years experience in mountain flying, VHL can provide reliable and safe flights to heli-ski operators throughout British Columbia.

Avalanche Control

Valley Helicopters Ltd. helps keep our roadways, infrastructure and public safe by providing aerial support to perform avalanche control. Our knowledge and awareness of mountain flying provide avalanche control of slope sides to reduce the hazards to roadways, power lines, railways and resorts.


There's nothing more magical than snowy peaks

Nothing beats the winter blues like standing in the sun on a snowy peak. Consider taking a winter sightseeing tour… no skis necessary! Check out our tours and charters.