Mountain Course

Valley Helicopters is pleased to offer a BCFS approved Mountain Flying Course. This course is a valuable asset for both new commercial pilots wishing to enhance their employability as well as more experienced pilots looking to build their skill set to pursue new job opportunities. An approved mountain flying course is required to fly for the BC Forest Service, as well as an invaluable tool for any pilot flying in the mountains.

Training is conducted on the Bell 206B by one of our many experienced mountain pilots. The course consists of 20 hours of training for pilots previously endorsed on the 206, whereas pilots requiring a type endorsement will need approximately 5 hours of additional training.

Valley Helicopters BCFS Approved Mountain Course

Ground School Topics

–          Introduction to mountain flying

–          Psychological factors

–          Mountain formations and topography

–          Mountain winds

–          Mountain reconnaissance techniques

–          Approaches and departures

–          Working with terrain features

Flight Training

Minimum 20 Hours 206 (25 if not endorsed) with training in the following areas:

Mountain Skills Evaluation

–          Terrain and contour reconnaissance

–          Approaches and overshoots

–          Advanced hovering

–          Mountain confined area landings

–          Mountain technique training