Remote project? We can help you get there.

Valley Helicopters Ltd. provides support to a variety of industries including oil & gas, hydro and mineral exploration – just to name a few. VHL can provide support for construction projects including highway projects, remote location builds and maintenance, assistance in tower construction and pipeline construction & surveillance.

Power Line Maintenance & Construction

As a BC Hydro approved operator, VHL can provide the power line industry support with inspections, construction and maintenance. Our experienced pilots can provide the precision and professionalism required for any project.

Pipeline Construction & Surveillance

VHL knows the importance of efficiency and safety when it comes to the oil & gas industry. We have provided support for pipeline construction with geotechnical drilling support, slinging and crew transportation. We also have extensive experience providing pipeline protection aerial patrols.

Remote Site Construction & Maintenance

Our crew has a high level of experience with mountain and long-line operations. VHL has safely provided crew and equipment moves to remote sites for years. Water sampling, repeater & weather station maintenance are a few examples of the many ways VHL helps companies gain access to get the job done.

Does your project need aerial support?

Each client comes to us with a unique set of needs. The industries described above are just a sample of the work we do. If you require a partner in the sky – chances are we can help. Contact us to discuss your project.